Anthony George Special Visit

Date : Monday 1st of August 2011

St. Andrew’s School for Special Education has found favour yet again, this time it was the turn of Mr Anthony George, who designed the Grenada flag and it’s Coat of Arms to visit them.
Mrs Bridget Aberdeen founder of the Sunshine Foundation was thrilled when she found out  that Mr Anthony George learned of the school’s existence through the fundraising efforts of The Sunshine  Foundation in London.  Mr George visited the school clutching a programme from the Foundation’s most recent fundraising which took place in Acton, West London.
The pupils and staff felt deeply honoured that someone like Mr Anthony George took the time to visit them  and showed him how much they appreciated his visit by giving him a very big ‘St. Andrew’s  welcome’.
The Head Mrs Mirthlyn Raymond would like to thank everyone who has visited the school. Your visits and commitment has shown, how much you care for the pupils and staff at St. Andrew’s School for Special Education, and as we work together we will continue to make a difference in the lives of our Special children.