Sponsored Walk August 2012

Date : Friday 21st of December 2012




Sponsored Walk 

Members of the Sunshine Foundation braved the very hot sun on Saturday 18th August 2012 to walk up and around Northala Hills in Northolt to raise funds for special needs in Grenada and here in the UK. Northala Hills are next to the A40 consists of four hills on the Western Avenue. The hills are artificial and are made from the rubble from Wembley Stadium which was demolished in 2003. Members paced themselves as they made every effort to complete the course, even those walking with crutches!

group walk

Thank you to all our supporters who sponsored our members we were able to raise £216 which will go towards our continued efforts supporting St. Andrew’s School for Special Education and Ealing Mencap Travel Training.

A little reminder – if you had promised to sponsor any of our members and to date you haven’t paid it’s not too late to do so.  Payment can be given to the person you promised to sponsor, paid into our bank or Paypal account.